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Sokoj entered into 103 reciprocal representation agreements with foreign authors’ societies for performing rights i.e. communication to the public and broadcasting of musical works (61) and for mechanical reproduction rights (42).

Therefore, Sokoj represents the entire world repertoire of music in the territory of Serbia i.e. over 4 000 000 foreign authors.

Since 1956, Sokoj has been a member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) with headquarters in Paris – an association with 239 member societies in 121 countries.

CISAC was founded in Paris in 1926 and represent over four million creators from all geographic regions and all artistic fields – music, drama, literature, visual arts and audiovisual.

As an organisation, CISAC was accredited by UNESCO, World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the Council of Europe, and the European Union.

Through its administrative officials, bodies and working groups (President, General Assembly, Executive Governance Committee, Expert Groups, Technical Committees and Legal Committee), CISAC advocates in favour of the protection of authors’ interests, bringing the voice of creators to the heart of international legislative decision-making.

CISAC actively encourages governments worldwide to improve legislation relating to intellectual property protection and strives to ensure a better understanding of and respect for authors’ rights/copyrights by the general public (

Over the past decades, SOKOJ has had a notable role in the activities of this international association.

Since 1959, Sokoj has been a member of the Paris-based Bureau International de l’Edition Mécanique (BIEM) administering mechanical rights. With an active role in this specialised international organisation, Sokoj has been contributing to recognition and reputation of our country in Europe and worldwide.

Members Directory

Sokoj entered into reciprocal representation agreements with the following foreign collecting societies for the protection of the rights in musical works: