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Intellectual property rights

For the purposes of this legal notice, the website shall be considered to include all web pages at the address www.sokoj.rs (hereinafter:Website). The owner of copyrights for all copyrighted work in any way included in the Website is Sokoj - Serbian Music Authors Organization (hereinafter: Sokoj).

All rights reserved. Users may use the Website content exclusively for their personal, non-commercial use. Any other use of the Website content for commercial purposes (such as copying, reproduction, distribution and similar) is prohibited.

Restriction to use of information and materials

Users may download information and materials from the Website exclusively for their personal use, whereby they may not change copyright signatures, other intellectual property rights notices, or notices of other rights. It is permitted to download and print information and materials for the non-commercial purposes of viewing and reading. Users may not copy, distribute, republish, or change information and materials at www.sokoj.rs or send them by mail or distribute in any other manner for any other purposes. It is also forbidden to use any element of www.sokoj.rs for any other purposes than exclusively for personal, non-commercial use.

Sokoj is not responsible for the form or content of any website in any way linked with the Website www.sokoj.rs. Sokoj carries no responsibility whatsoever for the visits and use of linked websites.

Limited liability

Sokoj will make efforts to have correct and up-to-date information on the Website. Neither Sokoj, nor any other physical or legal person that has participated in the construction of the Website may be held liable for property damage or loss of profit or non-property damage that user might incur due to the use of the Website or the inability to use it.

Sokoj will make efforts to ensure unrestricted functioning of the Website, yet it may not be held liable for property damage or loss of profit or non-property damage that the user might incur due to the restricted functioning of the Website.

Sokoj may change the Website at any time and without prior notice.

Personal data protection

Any data obtained by Sokoj in any way through the Website are intended to be used solely by Sokoj - Serbian Music Authors Organization.


Serbian legislation shall apply for any possible disputes arising from the use of the Website. Any possible disputes shall be resolved by the court of jurisdiction in Belgrade.
By using the Website the user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein.